Brow Code's 24hrBROW Pomade is scientifically formulated with the latest advancements in brow cosmetic ingredients to create a waterproof, stay put, smudge free and flawless finish to the eyebrow. This exclusive product is highly pigmented with a velvety texture to define brows with light application.

The pomade is cruelty free and has been tested extensively to ensure suitability for all hair and skin types.  A perfect match is guaranteed with seven shades available, all carefully selected to offer a seamless blend.


Ash - Light mushroom shade of cool taupe suitable for all skin types and hair colours from blonde to medium brown

Taupe - Cool grey undertones suitable for grey-light blonde hair and lighter skin tones

Ginger - Rusty chestnut suitable for warm browns and auburn shades of hair

Mid Brown - Medium warm brown suitable for all skin tones and hair colours from blonde to brunette 

Chocolate - Warmer toned true brown suitable for brunettes with warmer hair tones and all skin types

Deep Brown - Matte true brown suitable for all shades of brown hair and skin types

Noirette - Dark brown shade suitable for dark brunette to black hair and all skin types

24hrBROW Pomade

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  • When using the amazing Brow Code products it is important to follow the application and removal instructions.

    A pomade is a stay put, waterproof product and needs an oil based remover to gently dissolve the product upon removal.

    Removal of Pomade:
    Add an oil based makeup remover to a cotton pad or ball, let the oil dissolve and break down the pomade and very gently wipe the pomade off.

    Wipe with the direction of the brow hair, not against. Do not scrub when removing. It is a stay put agent keeping the brow pomade on.

    You can even use a coconut oil to condition the brow whilst removing and breaking down the product!!

    The pomades have a drying agent in them to ensure a full stay on the brow for up to 24hrs with no reapplication. If you find your Pomade drying it is due to air entering your jar and sealing the top later. You can gently remove the very top layer of your Pomade if this ever happens.
    Pomades are best stored upside down with the lid secured in your makeup drawer. 



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