Top 10 Wedding Beauty Tips

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

It’s one of the most important days of your life and you have probably planned every last detail. But have you thought about your skin and beauty?

I sat down with award winning hair stylist Andrew Cobledick from the Rodney Wayne National Artistic Hair Team to find out for you not only the top beauty tips, but also a few hair tips from the master (see Tip #3) to have you looking your absolute best before your big day.

1: START NOW! Start your beauty planning and routine ASAP! Make a beauty plan for you hair, skin and your face! That includes figuring out the styles that you want, and then finding the right Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist to help you get those looks, then get in contact with them straight away!

I can’t tell you how many times I get emails a few months before someone’s big day asking if I am available. They tell me how much they love my work – but unfortunately I’m normally already booked MONTHS in advance! The same goes for most good Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists. The most popular dates, especially in wedding season, are usually booked a year (or more!) in advance, so scoop those up if you don’t want to miss out on your favourite artist.

2: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! If you are one of my bridal clients you have most probably heard me use the word hydrate! I can’t say it enough! Applying concealer or foundation onto parched skin can be a recipe for disaster. On your wedding day, the skin will want to suck the moisture from the makeup, especially under the eyes. This can leave your under-eye area looking dry and wrinkled (not a good look!) We need to combat this by both hydrating from the inside (drinking water) and the outside (creams and moisturizers) as far in advance from your big day as possible to make sure your makeup look is flawless.

Water is essential to maintain the optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases its elasticity. This helps delay the appearance of signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines- so how many glasses are you drinking per day??? Make sure you drink that water ladies & gentleman!

The other thing we need to look at is your skin care. Do you use an eye cream? What type of moisturizer do you use? These are all things that we need to change as we change and age, and with the seasons. I can’t recommend a product that would suit everyone's skin type as everyone is different but I do suggest popping into your nearest beauty salon or skin specialist to see what your skin needs.

3: ANDREW’S TOP TIPS! Make a plan for your hair with your stylist. The sooner they know what your ‘dream wedding hair’ looks like, the sooner they can start helping you take the steps towards it. This may be a certain colour (like that one you saw on Pinterest). Remember – changing hair colours doesn’t happen over night and some ‘looks’ may require months of foiling and colouring to get the right tone.

You may need to get your hair long and lush and your hair stylist can help you achieve that dream by scheduling regular appointments and professional products to keep your healthy and in the best shape of its life!

One thing Andrew likes to see is a picture of your dress. Is it strapless? Sweetheart neckline? Backless? This will help him to help you come up with the most complimentary hair look to get you looking drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day. It helps to be able to create ‘the complete package’ so be sure to show your hair stylist your dress and make sure they understand the overall vibe for your wedding day.

4: LIPS! This may seem like one you already know but leading up to your big day one of my top tips is SPF lip balm. This helps your lipstick to sit perfectly on the day. It's easier to prevent your lips from getting chapped than it is to repair them if they're already dry. The other reason for this is that if you suffer from cold sores then you will know that breakouts are caused by trauma to the lip area and stress. While I can’t help with the stress part, by protecting your lips from the sun this will help reduce the risk of a break out before your big day. Most pharmacies will have an SPF lip balm.

5: TANNING - FAKE IT DONT BAKE IT! One of the things I am sure you don’t want on your big day is terrible tan lines from a ‘Y back’ sports bra or worse - peeling or bright RED shoulders! Please make sure you use sunscreen and if you would like to be a little more of a bronzed goddess on your day then fake tan away! Always do a trial run with your tan to make sure it’s the right shade for you and that you’re happy with the application - not all spray tanning clinics are created equal and I have seen some shocking results!

6: SKINCARE! Everyone wants perfect, blemish free skin for their wedding day and one of the steps you can take to help improve your skin is hygiene. How many times have you cleaned your makeup brushes or sponges this year? Every time you apply your foundation with a dirty brush, you add a layer of acne-causing bacteria to your skin. Cleaning your brushes is actually pretty easy and can make a big difference to not only your skin but your makeup application and makeup colours.

At your local pharmacy (or Farmers stores here in New Zealand) you can buy a brush cleaner that you squirt onto your brushes. You then wipe the brush on a clean paper towel or tissue until the brush is clean to kill the bacteria in only a few seconds. Doing this as often as you can will do wonders to your skin then once a month give them a deep clean to keep your skin free of bacteria.

7: TEETH! Don't forget those beautiful teeth! I know you wouldn't want coffee stained teeth (from all of the coffee you have been drinking to get this wedding planned) in all of your photos. You may already have the whitening toothpaste from the supermarket, but for faster results I would suggest a teeth whitening treatment. I have had great results from teeth whitening strips or you can splurge out and go see a professional like the much talked about lovely smiles NZ

8: LASHES! One easy way to make your look ‘pop’ on the day is by adding some false lashes, and I have a few tips on making sure they last the full day.

The easiest way to ensure lashes will be in place all day is to have semi-permanent lash extensions put in by a professional lash technician. If that’s not for you, or not in the budget, then as an artist I can apply them on the day using individual cluster lashes (not the strip lashes) so I can leave knowing they will be in place for the full day.

If you have worn false lashes you may have had the inside band pop up mid event and in all of the photos it’s all you can see!! This is a fail-proof way to get the best placement for your eye shape and to make sure you don't have an eyelash blunder. It gives the most beautiful results but it’s not very easy to do on yourself so ask your artist about the method they use for applying lashes and make sure you trial them before the day.

9: BROWS! What is the one thing you can get into shape without going to the gym? Brows! As a brow artist myself, I have to make it a top tip to plan your brows into your final look. Even if you are a natural brow gal having your brows symmetrical can do wonders to your face and even make you look younger, so it’s worth getting them in the best shape before your big day to make your Makeup Artist’s work even more flawless. BUT! Not all brow artists are created equal so do your homework and find the one that works for you as far out from your date as possible so you have time to grow in missing pieces and get them wedding ready.

10: THE LOOK! I thought I would save this one for last. One of the most important beauty things on your big day is your makeup look and choosing your artist. My top tip here is to shop around and find an artist whose style you like. Applying makeup is an artistry, we all have our own flare on what we do and it’s best to find the right fit for you and your personal taste – be it natural, glam or anything in between. Even if someone comes highly recommended they may not be the best artist for you if their style is not the look you are going for.



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